Japanese Kawaii Wand
Japanese Kawaii Wand
Japanese Kawaii Wand
Japanese Kawaii Wand

Japanese Kawaii Wand

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Opt for bamboo chopsticks to accompany your Japanese meals

The ancestor of the Japanese baguette is said to be Chinese. Asian chopsticks appeared in the 12th century BC and would have a more religious than a culinary function. Arriving in Japan during the 7th century, they are now adopted by a third of the world's population.

The little characters drawn on the top of these Japanese chopsticks refer to the kawaii style. This trend was born from a student protest movement during the 1980s. It is represented by mascots like the Pokemons, the Kirby or Hello Kitty.

  • Package includes 5 pairs of cute and colorful chopsticks
  • Chopsticks are made from natural bamboo wood
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Find some tips on how to use Japanese chopsticks:

🥢 You don't know where to take wooden chopsticks from ? The first step is to place a wand in the palm of your hand at the base of your thumb and held by your ring finger. Add the second in the same hollow and between the middle and ring fingers. Use these two fingers to move it and make a clamp that will help you select your food.

🥢 There are also essential rules when using Japanese chopsticks : use them with your left hand, do not plant them in your dish or rice, do not lick them and use a chopstick rest.

🥢 But that's not all: it is extremely frowned upon to point someone with these Japanese cutlery . In the same way that it is impolite to point the finger at someone in France. Also, if you want to give your neighbor a taste of your dish, it is recommended to use the spoon, which is ideal for that.

🥢 Would you like to see other models of Japanese cutlery ? We look forward to seeing you in our Japanese chopsticks collection for an unforgettable shopping experience.


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