Geisha Kimono Costume

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This kimono take for women will plunge you deep into the delicate world of geishas

In the past, the kimono was worn by the geishas of the Edo era. It was the garment dedicated to tea ceremonies, a tradition inspired by Zen Buddhism. On this occasion, tea was served quietly and in small groups. And the service followed well-established codes.

Today, it is an iconic Japanese clothing piece and whose way of wearing has become a little democratized but always within a formal framework. We find Japanese women dressed in kimonos when they go to their graduation and other important occasions.

If you want to wear this unique outfit, you have to respect some rules like wearing a nagajuban (under-kimono in the shape of a long white dress). You also have to close your kimono by folding the left side over the right.

For a private moment between friends around a good tea, this Japanese piece will suit the occasion perfectly. Comfortable and elegant at the same time, it will make you an outstanding host!

The Japanese patterns represented on this garment are take: bamboos that symbolize prosperity, flexibility and strength. What more could you ask for?

How to put on the japanese woman kimono

Here is our best fashion advice so that you can wear your traditional kimono like the geishas of the land of the rising sun :

  • 💯 Choose your Japanese kimono clothing in size S if you measure between 1,55m and 1,65m and in size M if you measure more than 1,65m. To be sure, you can take a look at our size guide
  • 💯 If you want bright colors while keeping a Japanese style, take a look at this women's kimono. This authentic piece pays homage to cherry blossom
  • 💯 In order to wear a complete geisha style, we advise you to wear an obi belt. To be comfortable, put on tabi socks and a pair of geta sandals. Finally, refine your outfit with this iconic accessory: a kanzashi comb that will adorn your hairstyle. Have a look to our women geisha dress collection for more colors and Japanese pattern

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