Half Mask Samurai Mempo

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  • Handmade mask inspired by Japanese Demon from Shinto myth
  • Dimension of 6.9" (17cm) wide and 7.4"(19cm) high, adjustable
  • Half oni mask finished with soft foam. Our artisan then covers it with
  • A silky inner fabric to make it even more comfortable to wear!
  • The mask is tested and approved by Airsoft and HOCKEY players
  • .
  • It's the ideal Japanese accessory for Airsoft players, samurai enthusiasts, shinobi ninjas or Cosplay lovers
  • Arm yourself with this mempo samurai half mask to win the battle

    Traditionally used by samurais during the war period in Japan, this war mask was very useful for deceiving the enemy. It represents an oni: this Japanese demon is particularly feared by the inhabitants of the archipelago.

    Very present in Japanese folklore , demons can take different appearances but are most often found with horns, sharp teeth and sometimes red or blue skin.

    Our craftsman made this period mask by hand. Its ancestral know-how and the mastery of traditional techniques make it a real fashion accessory.

    oni mask japan

    💯 You can wear this samurai half mask to go to a country of the rising sun themed party or for Halloween. It will also be a perfect gift idea for a lover of Japan!

    💯 Very trendy in the Japanese Islands, this oni accessory can also be part of a more modern outfit: jeans, a wide tee, a haori jacket and a pair of sneakers will give your mask a unique look.

    💯 In the same trend, we advise you to take a look at our hanbo mask : just as terrifying, it masks the entire face and has long horns.

    💯 Designed to fit all head sizes, this traditional mask features an adjustable elastane cord for your comfort: it won't be too loose or too tight!

    💯 If you want to discover the wide variety of our products, we give you an appointment in our special collection Japanese mask to wear on any occasion: festival, costume, everyday life...

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