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Will you put on this Men's Haori Kimono featuring the Hannya oni?

You are dealing here with a yokai (oni demon) from Japanese legends ! In Japanese folklore, this demon is inhabited by a deep desire for loving revenge!

The symbol of a hannya mask on a haori or kimono has many meanings!

It is both a representation of vengeance in its purest form, but it is also a sign of protection against evil Kami (Japanese gods).

Japanese people wear a haori over a kimono on very special occasions such as weddings, during the tea ceremony, during their graduation etc... A haori is a kind of Kimono jacket that can also be worn in spring or summer for a casual style without a kimono underneath. 


💯 Your Haori kimono is based on Japanese sizes! We advise you to make sure to refer to our size guide!

💯 You can also wear this Japanese garment in a streetwear, kawaii, bosozuku or cosplay style!

Model information
Height : 1m90
Weight: 69 kg
Mike is wearing 3XL in the photos for an oversized look

Between two and four days

🇺🇸: Ten to twenty business days
🌐: Fourteen to twenty five business days

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