Japanese apron for men

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Dads and sons are in the kitchen with this Japanese apron for men

This men's apron is inspired by the dress codes of traditional Japanese clothing called: maekake. This type of work apron has been used in the Land of the Rising Sun for several centuries...

It is comfortable to wear and does not pull on the neck as it is belted at the waist. It is acclaimed for its practicality and sleek design. This black apron has two side pockets for slipping items. The abdominal belt allows you to adjust and maintain the apron in perfect conditions.

If you set out to visit Japan, you will see this type of half-apron in many Japanese restaurants . It is an excellent gift idea for someone who loves the Japanese archipelago and its delicious dishes: ramen soup, miso soup, gyoza, maki, sushi, teryaki, donburi etc...

  • Material: cotton and polyester
  • Color of the Japanese apron: black
  • Size: adjustable and mixed
  • Package: contains apron

In order to respect Japanese tradition, here is a quick Japanese apron tutorial for all lovers of Washoku cuisine...


🍣 This apron is multifunctional, use it for household chores as well as cooking, crafts or gardening.

🍣 The biggest advantage of this apron for men is that it reduces lower back pain. This is a real plus for people who stay on their feet for a large part of the day.

🍣 Wear it to protect your clothes from stains and marks.

🍣 For an even more traditional style of clothing, check out our full collection of Japanese aprons . We have a range that can complete your wardrobe.

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