Japanese Washoku Apron
Japanese Washoku Apron

Japanese Washoku Apron

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Wear an authentic Japanese kitchen apron to impress your guests during a meal.

The quality of Japanese cuisine is known to be one of the best in the world. But we don't often talk about the accessories these talented cooks use.

This is the traditional maekake apron. It is a half-apron that is worn in the land of the rising sun of the four century. It is known for its practicality and its recognizable and unique style.

A maekake is a Japanese work apron that is both rigid and flexible to allow great flexibility. It is also an aesthetic outfit. This black Japanese apron is characterized by geta patterns. These are wooden sandals that were worn by the samurai during the Edo era.

Like these Japanese warriors, this Japanese half-apron has gone through centuries of stories, until becoming a must in the restaurant world.

So to properly prepare your dishes, you have to immerse yourself body and soul in the universe of the Japanese archipelago. If you travel to Japan you will see cooks wearing half-aprons .

  • Material: cotton and polyester
  • Japanese pattern: geta sandals symbol
  • Size: adjustable and mixed
  • Package: contains a maekake apron

So that you can respect the culinary codes of the Land of the Rising Sun, we have prepared a quick tutorial for you to wear this Japanese outfit ...


🍣 This black apron is essential for crafts, gardening or cleaning because unlike an apron dress, it has side pockets...

🍣 The maekake half apron reduces back pain, as it corrects posture...

🍣 Consult our collection of Japanese aprons to have more choices in terms of pattern, cut, material etc...


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