Japanese Geometric Wand
Japanese Geometric Wand
Japanese Geometric Wand
Japanese Geometric Wand
Japanese Geometric Wand
Japanese Geometric Wand

Japanese Geometric Wand

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Do you know the art of the luxury Japanese baguette with a geometric pattern?

The use of the Japanese baguette is so widespread that a third of the world's population is said to eat with chopsticks, mainly in East Asia. However, since the Second World War, Japan has become Westernized and more and more younger generations favor the fork and the knife.

The patterns on the top of these wooden chopsticks are reminiscent of Japanese geometric patterns. These prints are related to Japanese folklore or the tradition of the archipelago. Each form has its symbolism and is inspired by the cultural values of the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • Pack includes 5 pairs of chopsticks
  • These Japanese chopsticks are made from natural bamboo
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Find our suggestions for an irreproachable use of Japanese cutlery:

🥢 To hold kitchen chopsticks in your hands, place the first baguette between the palm of your hand and your ring finger then add the second baguette into the same hollow and place it between your middle and ring fingers. It is the latter that will rotate like a clamp.

🥢 Adopt these simple gestures so as not to offend the sensitivity of the traditional Japanese: the left hand is recommended to hold Japanese chopsticks , it is not recommended to stick them in food or lick them and they should be placed on chopstick rests.

🥢 Did you know that bamboo chopsticks are not suitable? It is also badly perceived to use it to point at someone (as you don't point the finger at someone in France). And if you need to transfer food to another plate, use the spoon provided for that purpose.

🥢 Want to take a look at our range of Japanese chopsticks ? Go to the collection to make your choice among a selection finely made by us.


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