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This Kimono for Traditional Women is inspired by the Japanese pattern Ume

This Japanese floral pattern is often associated with grace, elegance and beauty! It is often associated with grace, elegance and beauty! These are all aspects that characterize Geisha women.

This traditional Japanese floral pattern was popular during the Edo period where it was worn by both women and men. It can still be seen worn by geishas in the streets of Tokyo. Today, the Japanese kimono for women is still worn during weddings and all kinds of official events (tea ceremonies, theater performance and Shinto ceremonie).

This outfit has influenced the world's greatest, being inspired to create unique and trendy clothing collections.

If you want to buy a set of these Japanese clothes, the T-shape is ideal to enhance any kind of silhouette. The fabric is also comfortable to wear for a large part of your day !

Here is a little tutorial to help you!

tuto kimono for japanese women

Japanese geisha style

  • 💯 For women measuring between 1m 55 and 1m 65, we advise to choose size S! For those over 1m 65, size M will be the most suitable! You can also refer to the size guide
  • 💯 For a more authentic outfit, have a look at our traditional Japanese kimono robe. We love its fabric and the Tsuru patterns
  • 💯 Complete your geisha style with Geta sandals, Tabi socks, a Japanese Obi belt, an Uchiwa fan and a Kanzashi hair jewel. 
  • 💯 To respect the Japanese dress code, always remember to fold the left side to the right side
  • 💯  You can also choose other patterns and design in the Japanese Kimono dress collection

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