Japanese Kimono Dress Yuki

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This traditional Japanese kimono for women is ideal to immerse yourself in the Japanese spirit Yuki Onna

Yuki Onna is a Japanese deity known for her great beauty. In Japanese mythology, she is characterized by a light-skinned woman with great magical powers. She appears in the moonlight and in snowstorms. Her breath freezes the hearts of men! She is the beauty personification of death.

This traditional Yuki kimono symbolizes the Japanese pattern Ume (梅). This Wagara design for kimono is associated with beauty, grace and elegance. The Ume represents the plum blossom.

This flower of the land of the rising sun has a magical and protective virtue. It could repel evil spirits and Japanese demons commonly called Oni or Yokai 👹

This women's kimono, in addition to bringing you an authentic geisha's style is rich in symbols and meaning. This garment represents more than just a traditional Japanese dress. It is a nod to the richness of Japanese culture, Shinto deities and the beauty of the Asian world!

Japanese Kimono Dress Yuki

Here is some fashion advice so that you can wear your traditional kimono for women perfectly

  • 💯 For women measuring between 1m 55 and 1m 65, we recommend choosing size S! For those over 1m 65, size M will be ideal! Consult the size guide if needed
  • 💯 To have an Edo geisha look, we recommend you wear with your outfit a pair of Japanese Zori or Geta sandals, white Tabi socks and a belt tied at the waist called Obi. You can also add a fan and some Japanese jewelry for hair called Kanzashi
  • For a more colorful Japanese style, have a look at our Japanese kimono red dress. It is on of the top Japanese garments to have in your wardrobe to mark the spirits
  • 💯 For more choices, you can also have a look to the Japanese women kimono collection
  • 💯 Important rule: cultural rules requires to always close the kimono with the left side on the right side. Traditionally, the funeral kimono is closed the other way around !

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