Kitchen Apron With Cat Design

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Adopt this pretty kitchen apron with cat design before cooking

The Japanese cooking apron is ideal for making typical dishes. The Japanese archipelago is full of flavors. Soup, fish, rice... Use healthy and tasty ingredients to make ramen, sushi, or miso soup.

The cat design represented on this Japanese apron symbolizes Maneki Neko. Placed in front of a restaurant, the lucky cat attracts fortune when its right paw is in the air (the left attracts customers). And sometimes, it's both legs that are raised!

  • Materials: cotton, linen and polyester
  • Japanese pattern: lucky cat
  • Sizes: 66x47 cm (for adults) and 47x38 cm (for children)
  • Package: it includes a linen and cotton apron

Consult our kitchen apron tutorial to make useful and pleasant use of this personalized kitchen suit:


🍣 Treat yourself to a moment of culinary complicity with your child, your nephew, your niece... thanks to this apron duo. The kitchen is the most convivial thing there is. And the sleeveless apron will perfectly accompany this moment of sharing.

🍣 To maintain this yellow Japanese apron , we recommend that you run it in the machine at a maximum of 30°. You can even add a bit of salt to keep the colors fresh.

🍣 Sensitive to nature? Discover our pastel apron . It represents the waves and flowers of the Land of the Rising Sun. Take a quick tour to find out more...

🍣 Find a wide variety of cookwear in our collection of Japanese aprons : long apron, sleeveless apron, half apron... Go for your favorite version.

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