Maneki Neko Japanese Chopsticks
Maneki Neko Japanese Chopsticks
Maneki Neko Japanese Chopsticks
Maneki Neko Japanese Chopsticks

Maneki Neko Japanese Chopsticks

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Treat yourself to these original Japanese chopsticks with the effigy of the little lucky cat

Although the origin of Japanese chopsticks is not known with certainty and certainty, it seems that they appeared in Japan in the 7th century. The story goes that chopsticks with religious purposes come from China and date from the 12th century BC.

The patterns printed on these Japanese cutlery represent Maneki Neko. In Japanese culture, this cute little cat brings good luck. There are many legends about it. It is often found in the form of a statuette on the fronts of shops and restaurants in the archipelago.

  • The package consists of a set of 5 pairs of chopsticks
  • These Japanese chopsticks are made of bamboo wood
  • Size: 22.5 cm

Here are our tips for handling Japanese chopsticks like no one else:

🥢 The ultimate method to use these cookware is to hold the first chopstick between the hollow at the base of the thumb and ring finger and then place the second in the same hollow by placing it between the middle and ring fingers. Then make a pinch movement by moving the second stick: you will be able to catch your food before eating it.

🥢 In order not to make mistakes, we recommend following these simple tips: hold the kitchen chopsticks with your left hand, do not plant them in your food, do not lick them and use a chopstick rest when you are no longer using them.

🥢 In order not to be frowned upon, avoid lending these bamboo chopsticks , do not point anyone with them and use a spoon to transfer your food to another bowl or plate.

🥢 If you want to discover more models of Japanese chopsticks , go to our collection and browse the different assortments before make your choice.


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