Contemporary platform shoes inspired by traditional Japanese designs. The geta sandals is handmade with wood material and a red strap

Platform Shoes Japanese

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Contemporary platform shoes inspired by traditional Japanese designs. The geta sandals is handmade with wood material and a red strap
a women is walking with japanese wood platform shoes, combining ancient style with modern fashion
two japanese style platform shoes handmade with red straps
Trendy Japanese sandals with platforms, modern twist on traditional footwear.

Platform Shoes Japanese

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Platform Shoes Japanese will give you a traditional outfit inspired by geisha or samurai from Edo period

The wooden sandals are traditional in Japan. This pair is inspired by the iconic shoes of Ninja Jiraya san (Naruto's master). If you love the world of Japan, then you've already seen them worn by powerful iconic ninja shinobi warriors, Tengu demons or by samurai of the Edo era...

In real life the Geta sandal is worn to prevent the Japanese kimono from dragging on the floor. These Japanese sandals are elevated thanks to two platforms under the sole. What's more, Geta flip-flops promote good back posture. This is THE traditional shoe to have in your dressing room for all fans of Japanese culture, manga and anime...

  • Design: traditional Japanese flip-flops
  • Geta flip-flops for men
  • Platform height approx. 5 cm (2 in)
  • Adjustable Hanao strap to fit and tighten the wooden geta sandal. Soft cotton material
  • Sandals carved from raw wood, lightweight and strong
  • Nonslip rubber lining

We recommend taking one or two sizes above your usual size.

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A drawing of japanese sandals shop with a japanese kanji meaning : japanese sandals

Eco-friendly Geta sandals good for your health

These wooden sandals are eco-friendly because they are made from recyclable and sustainable materials. By choosing geta sandals, you are opting for an environmentally friendly product. Additionally, their platform design helps maintain proper back posture, promoting a natural and healthy alignment of your spine. Combine traditional style and well-being with our Japanese sandals.

Handmade Japanese Sandals with quality wood

"The platforms of these sandals are handcrafted by an artisan using Paulownia wood. This durable and strong wood is one of the most resilient in the world, making it perfect for these Japanese sandals. Paulownia wood retains little moisture, ensuring exceptional stability. It withstands warping, breakages, and deformations, providing you with high-quality, long-lasting footwear. Experience the excellence of traditional craftsmanship with our geta sandals."

A japanese man is crafting wood for a japanese geta sandals in his workshop. He is dressed with a traditional japanese kimono. Discover authentic japanese geta sandals for sale, crafted with traditional techniques to offer comfort and style, perfect for completing your cultural attire.
Learn how to make japanese geta sandals with our detailed guide, providing step-by-step instructions to create your own traditional Japanese footwear
Japanese Geta for everyone

"To choose the right size of geta, ensure that your heel extends 0.5 to 1 in (1,3 to 2.6 cm) beyond the back of the sandal. This slight overhang provides a perfect fit, offering better balance and comfort while walking. The Hanao strap is adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit for optimal comfort. Make sure there is enough room for your toes to move freely, while the strap keeps your foot securely in place."


How should geta sandals fit?

Geta should fit so that the heel slightly overhangs the back of the sandal. This allows for better balance and a natural walking motion.

Do you wear socks with geta?

Yes, it is common to wear tabi, traditional Japanese split-toe socks, with geta, especially during formal occasions or with traditional attire. However, it's not mandatory if you wear it with a Yukata.

Are geta good for your feet?

Geta can be beneficial for your feet as they promote good posture and natural foot movement. However, they may not provide the same level of support as modern footwear, so it's important to use them in moderation.

Is it hard to walk in geta?

Walking in geta can be challenging at first, but with practice, most people find it manageable. The key is to take shorter steps and maintain good posture.

What is the difference between geta and zori?

Geta sandals are made of wood with an elevated platform, ideal for summer festivals and often worn with yukata. Zori sandals are flat, made from straw, cloth, or synthetic materials, and are associated with formal kimonos for ceremonies.