White Japanese Kimono Dress
White Japanese Kimono Dress
White Japanese Kimono Dress

White Japanese Kimono Dress

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This traditional Japanese kimono for women is the very definition of celebration... Want to find out why?

This is a kimono furisode. It can be recognized by its very long sleeves and is worn by all students at their graduation. It's reserved for special and festive events that call for wearing something dazzling.

Historically, the kimono was worn by geishas during tea ceremonies Over the years, it has become "democratized" and is now worn for any significant event: the passage of teenage girls to adulthood, marriage... or even funerals.

This traditional garment has a certain number of codes that must be known in order not to commit an fashion crime. One of them is to always fold the left side of the kimono over the right side to close it (the reverse is reserved for the deceased, just like the white kimono at funeral ceremonies).

This authentic kimono will be perfect to celebrate a joyful event or a professional success. You can wear it for a party with friends for example. This outfit will give you a geisha chic and traditional look that will surely be admired. For an even more Japanese style, don't hesitate to add a kanzahi comb to decorate your hairstyle and to free your pretty face.

how to put on the japanese woman kimono?

Here are our fashion recommendations for you to shine in your traditional women's kimono:

  • 💯 Wear your kimono in size S if you are less than 1m55m tall. Between 1m55 and 1m65, we recommend size M. Or size L if you measure more than 1m65. You can also take a quick look at our sizing guide
  • 💯 For optimal comfort, we advise you to wear white tabi socks and wooden geta sandals. Your feet will feel pampered. You can also optimize your geisha look by wearing a sensual fan (that you can store in your obi belt) and a nice furisode
  • bag
  • 💯 If you prefer to wear a kimono with floral patterns in bright colors, take a look at our real geisha kimono: it will transport you to the unique world of Japanese geishas
  • 💯 If you are looking for more colors and design, don't hesitate to discover our kimono women dress. Geisha style guaranteed


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