Travel Japan : 127 famous must-see places

Japan travel : the best spots to see. Japanese tourism

Japan is an extraordinary country with a wide range of unusual places to satisfy all the different interests of tourists and visitors from around the world.

The Japanese archipelago is home to no less than 127 million people. It is a thousand-year-old culture with multiple evolutions. The Land of the Rising Sun has so much to offer that it would be impossible in one lifetime to discover all the Japanese traditions.

The Japanese archipelago has no fewer than 125 million inhabitants.

In this article, we're going to introduce you to the 127 must-see Japanese places you absolutely must see if you're planning to travel to Japan in the coming months...

1. Toranomon, Tokyo

ToranomonSky view of Toranomon

The Toranonon district is close to the Tokyo Imperial Palace, on the "tiger" gate side. The property prices are very high, due to the proximity to the Imperial Japanese Palace. You will find skyscrapers, high-class hotels, trendy restaurants and also internationally renowned fashion shops.

2. Takasakiyama Monkey Park, Beppu

TakasakiyamaThe Takasakiyama Monkey Reserve

Takasakiyama Park is home to 10% of Japan's snow monkeys . They are not confined and roam freely within the park to eat as they please.

They are not confined to the park.

3. Itsukushima Hiroshima Shrine


You can't mention Japan without thinking of the famous floating gate of the Nipponese shrine of Itsukushima. This surrounded shrine was built to be viewed from the sea. It is an atypical and iconic place in Japan!

4. Tokyo Beer Garden

In Tokyo's Meiji Shrine, you can find an outdoor Japanese garden nicknamed "the beer garden". This one welcomes about a thousand people every summer.

5. Tokyo Imperial Palace

palais-imperial-tokyoThe Tokyo Imperial Palace gardens and castle

Among the must-see sites, the Tokyo Imperial Palace is among the main ones. It takes place on the ancient grounds of the Edo Castle. It was one of the most grandiose projects in the world. The grounds were laid out to defend the castle against invasion. For this purpose; artificial islands were created in Tokyo Bay, rivers were modified and moved.

From the Imperial Palace, it is possible to see the remains of the former samurai castle, including its moat layout.

It is possible to do various activities there such as visiting the parks, museums, or having the honour of meeting the Japanese emperor twice a year.

6. Shibuya Passage, Tokyo

shibuya-crossingShibuya crossing during a busy night in Tokyo

This grand Japanese pedestrian crossing is surrounded by lights and neon to put you in a supercharged Japanese atmosphere worthy of a Nippon anime film. It is the most famous and busiest in the world. It is a very good example of Nipponese culture which mixes both a traditional culture dating back to the samurai and geisha era with modernism pushed to the extreme thanks to the Meiji era...

7. Meiji Tokyo Shrine

the-meiji-shinto-shrineThe Meiji Shinto Shrine and its large wooden Torrii gate

This wonderful Japanese shrine is located in the centre of Tokyo. There are more than about 70 hectares of forest surrounding it. The Meiji Shrine is sumptuous with its massive torii. This place hosts a multitude of festive events such as ceremonies, festivals, weddings and cultural events...

8. Tokyo Skytree

tokyo-skytreeView at Tokyo Skytree

This is a very impressive vantage point that is 450 metres above the ground. It is the highest Japanese observation point. Its exceptional view provides a panorama of the Japanese capital's cityscape.

9. Sensoji temple Tokyo

temple-sensojiJapan Sensoji temple

If this Japanese Temple Sensoji doesn't look completely unfamiliar to you, that's because it's the oldest and most visited in Tokyo's history, thanks in part to its gigantic "Thunder Gate."

10. Tokyo Tower

This Tokyo Eiffel Tower was Japan's tallest building for over 50 years. This is no longer the case to this day, but it is still a popular site due to its impressive size and orange paint job, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

11. Minato Mirai Yokohama


Minato Mirai is a Japanese port district with a futuristic feel. This area is ideal for dining, shopping, walking and enjoying the scenery as well as the wide public spaces...

12. Lake Ashinoko Japan

lake-japanLake Ashinoko with a beautiful red Torrii gate

TheJapanese Lake Ashinoko Hakone is known for its sublime view of Mount Fuji. You can hire a boat here to sail around or take a trip on traditional boats imitating the style of vintage Japanese warships.

13. Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Road

tateyama-kurobeTateyama kurobe the Japanese ice red

This Japanese alpine route offers a wild and wonderful path through spectacular snowy mountain scenery. This route is accessible by the provision of infrastructure such as, train and cable cars (and also by road of course).

14. Sanjusangendo temple Kyoto

sanjusangendo-temple-kyotoJapanese statues at sanjusangendo temple

This Nipponese temple is as impressive for its architecture as it is for the many statues within. Its sculptures pay homage to Japanese deities. It is the longest wooden construction in the country, dating from the 12th century. This Japanese place of worship has no less than a thousand statues representing goddesses of mercy.

15. Horyuji Temple

horyuji-templeHoryuji Temple is located in Nara Province

Horyuji Temple is the oldest pagoda (famous wooden buildings in Japan) in existence today. The central pillar that holds it up is said to date back to 594 AD. It is this building that is said to have inspired the Budokan located in Tokyo, thanks to its octagonal architecture also called "Hall of Dreams".

16. Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku-GyoenShinjuku Gyoen Tokyo

After World War II, this Japanese imperial garden became a famous public park. It is the largest in Tokyo. It is carefully landscaped with an impressive plantation of 20,000 trees. This makes the park all the more exceptional with the blooming of the trees in different seasons.

17. Shinjuku Tokyo South Terrace

In Tokyo, you can discover the southern terrace of Shinjuku. It's a pedestrian promenade illuminated from Christmas to Valentine's Day with wonderful decorations.


18. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

foret-bamboo-arashiyamaThe Arashiyama Bamboo Path is located in Kyoto Province

This path, located in the middle of the Sagano Bamboo Forest, is famous for its beauty. It is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

19. Kenrokuen

Kenrokuen Garden is located in Kanazawa Province

The Kanasawa Kenrokuen is a gigantic garden that took two decades of development to get to the end result. You can admire this one in any season without it looking the same, as the variety of wildlife is so diverse. Between the Japanese cherry trees, the plum trees and many others, the decor is constantly changing with the seasons. "Cones" are also set up in winter when it snows to protect the trees and keep a beautiful image. These are called yukizuri protections.

20. Osaka Castle

chateau-osakaPicture of Osaka Castle overlooked by sakura flowers

This is an imposing castle in which many battles were fought during its history. It is a must-see historical place to immerse yourself in the Universe of Japan, samurai warriors and splendid geishas...

It is a must-see historical place.

21. Kyoto Chionin Temple

kyoto-temple-chioninThe Japanese bell of Chionin Temple a must see

The Chionin Temple actually brings together several temples and has two grand features: it is home to the bell that was the largest in the world for nearly 200 years, as well as the widest and tallest wooden gate in Japan.

22. Hiroshima memorial

hiroshima-memorialHiroshima memorial with bouquets of flowers

You know the name of this city from its history. A museum now exists in memory of August 6, 1945, the first famous and terrible atomic bombing of World War II.

23. Kyoto Manga Museum

musee-manga-kyotoJapanese one piece manga with its nakama

This museum is perfect for you if you like the Japanese universe of manga. Here you can discover and read all the different types of manga. Each area is supervised by a person who can tell you about all the manga. In summer, or when the weather permits, this museum is open to the outside for everyone to enjoy.

24. Nara Park

Nara ParkJapanese woman wearing traditional geisha outfit (wooden sandals, tabi socks, women's kimono, Japanese bag, parasol)

This park is one of the most impressive in Japan. There are more than 502 hectares. It is a complete change of scenery where you will have the chance to meet wild deer. If you didn't know, they love Senbei rice biscuits.

25. Hokkaido Shrine


Hokkaido Shrine under the snow in Sapporo Province

This shrine is the largest in all of Sapporo, and it is here that the majority of events in the common life of the city's residents take place. The materials of the temple allow it to blend in with the surrounding woodland. The communion between nature and this Japanese spiritual place is perfect. This is why it is so appreciated by the inhabitants of the rising sun...

26. Engakuji temple

engakuji-templeEngakuji Temple in Kamakura Province

Engakuji is a Buddhist place of worship built as a tribute to the dead following the Mongol invasion of Japan. This place was founded in 1282, and keeps within it two national jewels: a gigantic bell, and the "Shariden". It is a 16th century building where relics are kept...

27. Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba

Tokyo-DisneylandJapanese girls taking a selfie. They have a Lolita girls style

You get it by the name, this is the famous Disney theme park with a large number of attractions comparable to the one in the US.

28. Tokyo City Hall

This is the most imposing building in Tokyo's massive business district, West Shinjuku. It was the tallest building in Tokyo until 2006. Its architecture is reminiscent of the shape of a computer chip. However, when you look at this tower, it looks more like a gothic cathedral. If you want to visit it, you should know that you can access an observation deck to admire the city (it's free).

29. Shinjuku Japanese Station

Shinjuku-Japanese StationJapanese crowd near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo

This station is known for being more than just a station. It is home to two shopping malls, amounting to nearly a hundred restaurants, department stores and smaller shops.

The station is known for being more than just a station.

30. Kokoen Himeji

kokoen-himejiGarden of Himegi Kokoen

You will find 9 gardens in Himeji, consisting of more than three hectares of land around the castle park.

31. Chidorigafuchi

chidorigafuchiChidorigafuchi in Spring with Japanese cherry trees in bloom

Chidorigafuchi Park in Tokyo is very famous for the beauty of these Japanese cherry trees and sakura flowers. To enjoy a unique Japanese experience, we suggest you rent a boat and sail along the shore...

32. Ueno Park

Ueno ParkUeno Park in Bloom

This Tokyo park is known for its diversity of activities... Ten million people visit it every year. It has a zoo, attractions and museums.

33. Yokohama Tower

tour-yokohamaYokohama observation tower

Posed on the waterfront at Minato Mirai, the Yokohama Observation Tower is one of Japan's tallest skyscrapers. Its 69 floors offer a breathtaking view of not only the entire city, but also Mount Fuji.

The tower is located on the waterfront at Minato Mirai.

34. Daigoji

daigoji-kyotoThree women dressed in traditional Japanese outfits in Daigoji Park

Daigoji is a gigantic expanse that is part of a temple area that sprawls across the central mountain of Kyoto. The different areas of it are connected by long paths allowing for beautiful walks. The path climbs to the top of the Kyoto Mountain offering a spectacular view of the whole city.

Daigoji is also famous for its ancient pagoda, 5 stories high, but also for the beauty of its architecture, its museum, and its maple and sakura gardens.

35. Beppu Kaihama Sand Baths

sand-baths-beppu-kaihamaWoman taking a black sand bath on Beppu beach in Japan

The island of Kyushu has hot thermal waters, some of which can be found on Beppu beach. It has been the custom of the locals for centuries to bury themselves in the sand of this beach.

36. Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto

shimogamoShimogamo Shrine

This Nippo Shrinen older than Kyoto itself, is located in the great Tadasu No Mori Forest. It consists of a dozen hectares. Japanese legends say that this primeval forest protects the city.

37. Kasuga Taisha

Kasuga-TaishaAlleyway near Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara Province

This shrine is a beautiful place surrounded by a vast forest. It is known for its many Japanese lanterns of stone...

38. Tokyo Disneysea, Chiba

This park differs from Tokyo Disneyland or many other Disney parks in the world, as it targets a wider audience with more intense attractions and many attractive restaurants. It opened in 2001 and has already welcomed ten million visitors in less than a year, a record in the theme park business.

39. Ginkakuji Kyoto

ginkakuji-kyotoGinkakuji Temple and its wooden structure

This is a Japanese wooden temple that stands in contrast to its sister temple, the Kinkakuji. The latter has a golden pavilion. Initially, the Ginkakuji temple was to be silver and gold, but it was never completed. This place illustrates the Japanese style based on perfect imperfection...

40. Kamakura Hasedera Temple

kamakura-hasedera-templeSculptures at the Kamakura Hasedera temoke

Hasedera is a Japanese religious site with many sculptures in the image of the Nipponese gods. This place also gathers several caves, a garden and a revolving library.

41. Kiyomizudera Temple

temple-kiyomizuderaKiyomizudera temple in Kyoto

This is a group of temples whose style is specific to Japanese architecture of the time. Kiyomizudera was built in 1633. It is a real technical feat as the main hall and the wooden terrace were built without a single nail. It is a true Japanese national treasure. It is also a famous site for the practice of Japanese rituals.

42. Tokyo Gay Center

centre-gai-tokyoBusy street of the Gai Centre in Tokyo

The Gai Centre is a lively street, which all the young people go to. It's a must-see for any traveller who wants to experience the Nipponese subcultures and styles. Kawaii, Lolita, Bosozoku, and Japanese punk styles come to mind.

43. Hibiya theatre district, Tokyo

Hibiya is a perfect place during your trip to Japan if you want to get educated. This district has three large theatres, in which a variety of plays and shows are performed. There are also operas and musicals.

44. Gion Corner Kyoto

gion-corner-kyotoWhere to see a Japanese geisha? In the traditional Japanese district of Gion Kyoto

The Gion Corner is a Japanese district where you can discover and admire the Japanese culture. Between geisha dance, Bunraku puppets, comedy theatre and Japanese music, you'll have plenty to enjoy. The main activity remains the geisha dance performed by the Maiko (these are geisha apprentices).

45. Hashima Nagasaki

hashima-island-nagasaki japanPhoto of "hashima island nagasaki japan"

Hashima is an island near an extremely populated coal mine, until 1974, when it was totally deserted. For nearly 30 years, the Japanese island remained forgotten. It was in the 2000s that it was rediscovered through photographs. Paradoxically, it is now a place that attracts many visitors to Nagasaki.

46. Abeno Harukas Osaka

abeno-harukas-osakaAbeno Harukas building and its bird's eye view of Osaka city

Abeno Harukas is the tallest skyscraper in all of Japan, and is an exceptional viewing spot. There are large windows to fully enjoy the view.

47. Kumamoto Castle

kumamoto castlePhoto of Kumamoto Castle

You absolutely have to come and admire this castle for its architectural diversity. It's a mix between the modernity of the reconstructions and the authenticity of the thirteen structures and foundation of the castle.

48. Himeji Castle

castle-of-himejiHimeji Castle also known as the White Heron listed as a Unesco heritage site

This castle is the most imposing in the ancient Japanese empire. Many legends revolve around it, involving Japanese spirits and ghosts who are called Yurei. It is one of the only castles that still has a tenshu, which is a wooden dungeon. It is a very popular Japanese monument, especially since some scenes of series or movies are filmed there such as: Kamegusha, James Bond (you only live twice), Abarenbo Shogun and Ran

49. Yokohama Chinatown


Asian lamps overlooking a street in Chinatown

Yokohama's Chinatown is the largest in all of Japan. It is located on the city's waterfront, it has hundreds of Chinese shops and restaurants. It is very famous for its temple and large traditional gates.

50. Sukiyabashi crossing, Tokyo

SukiyabashiSukiyabashi pedestrian crossing

This giant pedestrian crossing is surrounded by lights and neon signs and modern Japanese architecture. If you want to discover Japanese culture and its culinary art, you absolutely must visit the famous Sukiyabashi Jiro. It's a three-star sushi restaurant. The documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi gives it high praise.

51. Kyushu National Museum, Fukuoka

This museum will teach you all about Japanese history, from prehistoric times to the present day. The museum's collection has a large collection including many Japanese treasures.

The museum's collection has a large collection including many Japanese treasures.

52. Sankeien Yokohama Garden

garden-sankeien-yokohamaPhoto of the Sankeien with a small boat floating on the lake in Spring

This Nipponese garden was laid out and made public by a wealthy silk merchant. You can see many historical buildings from all over the country and a beautiful pond of a substantial size.

53. Nippon Maru Yokohama

Built in 1930, the Nippon Maru is a huge Japanese sailing ship that can now be visited like a museum. This ship is located in the Minato Murai district of Yokohama.

The Nippon Maru is a huge Japanese sailing ship that can now be visited as a museum.

54. Nakasu, Fukuoka

Nakasu is an island where you can experience local Japanese specialties such as Hakata Ramen. It is famous for its yatai stalls.

55. Kitanomaru Park Tokyo


This park is popular with visitors for its pedestrian walkways and large expanses of grass.

56. Nakamise Dori, Tokyo

nakamise-dori-streetBuy a Japanese souvenir in Nakamise Dori Street

This is a large shopping avenue where you can buy souvenirs and taste traditional Japanese food. This touristy street leads directly to the Tokyo Sensoji Temple.

57. Matsumoto Castle

castle-of-matsumotoWomen wearing Yukata kimono while walking in the gardens of Matsumoto Castle

This castle was built in Matsumoto in 1594. It is one of the oldest in Japan. The style of the gardens around it stands out from the others. The style resembles that of the late Edo period. It is the era of samurai, geisha and shinobi ninjas...

58. Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima ShrineThe gates of Enoshima Shrine

This Shinto shrine is a place of worship dedicated to Benzaiten, the goddess of love. The nude statue of the goddess can be found here. Lovers go there to give each other good luck on the heart side.

59. Takeshita Street

Takeshita StreetA waitress in wearing a kawaii outfit

This street in Harajuku has been a huge draw for teenagers since 1970. In fact, you can find a lot of various shops all along it, offering subculture clothes, but also several inexpensive restaurants.

The street is also very popular with teenagers.

60. Kabukiza Theatre, Tokyo

kabukiza-theatre-tokyoShogun-Japan photo montage depicting a Kabuki theatre actor tormented by a demon

The construction of this Japanese theatre dates from1889. It was renovated in 2013. It is the most extraordinary in Tokyo. There are three performances held there every day. The ticket prices for these performances are extremely high. In fact, there are cheaper tickets that allow you to attend one act and not the whole play

61. Hamarikyu Onshi Teien Hamarikyu

hamarikyu-onshi-teienThe beauty of the hamarikyu garden

You'll find this 17th-century garden on the outskirts of the capital's business district. You will be able to admire a wide range of flowers. It has the particularity of remaining in continuous bloom throughout the year...

62. Isuien Nara

isuien-naraThe Isuien Nara perfect for a walk in nature

This garden is designed in such a way that it crosses several mountains in Nara, making a walk through this park very pleasant.

63. Omotesando Avenue Tokyo

OmotesandoMirror photo at Omotesando

This large Nipponese street provides access to the Meiji Shrine, while running alongside zelkova trees. These are large Japanese fruit trees. The avenue is famous for its various shops and architecture. If you walk along it you will see a similarity with the Champs Elysees in Paris...

64. East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo

japon-palais-imperial-de-tokyoTokyo Imperial Palace Japan and its outdoor Japanese gardens in bloom

Five days a week, it's possible to visit the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, where you can see the old remains of the famous Edo Castle.

65. Koishikawa Korakuen

Koishikawa-KorakuenKoishikawa Korakuen Park is located in Tokyo

Created in 1629, the Koishikawa Korakuen is a garden located in the centre of the Japanese capital. There are flowering cherry trees, but also plum trees, rice fields and bamboo plants. There are more than 3000 trees planted there. We advise you to go there in autumn, the garden will be at the height of its floral beauty.

66. Daitokuji Temple

daitokuji-templeDaitokuji Temple is located in Kyoto

North of Kyoto is a collection of 23 Buddhist temples, renowned for their autumnal colours. This one has a garden imitating a Christian crucifix.

67. Ashikaga Flower Park

ashikaga-flower-parkThe ashikaga flower park is simply sumptuous

This is the park where you can admire countless wisteria hanging in a gigantic garden. At night, these are illuminated, which is one of the reputations of this park; the seasonal illuminations are a real hit with tourists.

68. Pontocho Kyoto

pontocho-kyotoKyoto's Pontocho district at dusk

This area of Kyoto is very much alive at night and is famous for its ancient restaurants. Pontocho is located along a small street made of stone, decorated with ambient dim lights. There are many old restaurants. We advise you to go to a kawayuka restaurant. These are Japanese terraces suspended over the water.

69. Shibuya 109 Tokyo

This mall is famous for its updating of Japanese women's fashions, which keeps changing from their 20s.

70. Kasumigaseki Tokyo

kasumigaseki-stationStop by kasumigaseki station

This district is located south of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. It is home to important political buildings of Japan, such as the Supreme Court...

71. Nijo Kyoto Castle


This castle is steeped in history. The great Japanese Shoguns of the Edo period lived here. It consists of two moat systems and two palaces. You can hear the famous nightingale floor singing when you go upstairs. This is a device that prevented any assassination attempts by ninjas or others.

72. Fushimi Momoyama Genkoan

fushimi-momoyama-genkoanThe genkoan is located in Kyoto

Genkoan is a Zen temple in which you can admire a Wabi Sabi architecture. The ceiling is inspired by the Fushimi Momoyama Castle, which was destroyed after a violent battle during the tensions between the warring states.

Genkoan is a Zen temple in Kyoto.

73. Shiretoko

shiretokoThe Shiretoko National Park in Hokaido

This Japanese national park encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, cliffs... enough to make your visit memorable. This peninsula is so remote that it is nicknamed "the end of the earth."

Each season offers different activities: in summer, you can camp, hike, bike... All while being careful of bears. In winter, the most impressive thing to see are the ice flows.

74. Rikugien Park

parc-rikugienThe Rikugien Garden

This garden dates back to 1695. It symbolizes nearly 90 scenes from Japanese poems, all on the walking path.

75. Tokyo Auto Salon, Chiba

If you're interested in cars, the Tokyo Auto Salon is the place for you: a show focusing on car technology and customisation.

76. Den Den Town, Osaka

den-den-town-osakaDen Den Town district for Japanese otaku

Den Den Town is a district that used to be very merchant-like, and therefore, very negotiating. This has remained today, as it is possible to easily bargain in this part of Osaka. This district has recently specialised in the famous otaku trend. This corresponds to everything that is close to Japanese celebrities, mangas, maid cafes, cosplay etc....

77. Kobe Port

Kobe PortKobe Port

To fully visit Japan, know that the Port of Kobe gathers plenty of activity, diverse. You will enjoy beautiful walks while admiring a magnificent view.

The port of Kobe is a great place to visit.

78. Zojoji Tokyo

zojoji-tokyoZojoji Temple with a view of the Japanese red tower and a geisha woman

It is located near the Tokyo Tower. It is also the place where six of the great Japanese Shogun generals and military leaders were buried.

79. Hanayashiki, Tokyo

This is an amusement park with a real following among children. It has been in existence for over 150 years now.

80. Nihonji

NihonjiThe Nihonji temple in Kyonan

The Nihonji Temple is located near Tokyo. Its history is marked by many events. This place is characterized by thousands of stone statues. Two of them are among the tallest statues in Japan.

81. Shibuya Hikarie Tokyo

The Shibuya Hikarie is a gigantic skyscraper that combines a large theatre, a huge shop and a dedicated event space on 4 floors.

82. Beppu Underworld

the-beppu-underworldThe Beppu Underworld and the onsen-style hot springs

This place worthy of the Yomi (Japanese hell) is a hot spring with surprising names (Blood Pond, Cooking Pot Hell...). It symbolizes aJapanese myth...

83. Heian Kyoto Shrine

sanctuary-heian-kyotoPhoto of the Kyoto Heian Shrine

This shrine, dates from 1895. It partially reconstructs the Heian Palace. You can find a water garden built for decades before it was realized, as well as a gigantic torii gate.

84. Osaka Station City

This incredible station is an iconic landmark for all tourists travelling to Japan. It is spectacular in its size and its gigantic glass roof that overlooks the many railway tracks.

The station is also a great place to visit.

85. Kobe's Chinatown

kobe-japanPhoto of Kobe's Asian Quarter

Kobe's Chinatown was established in 1868. People go there to attend1 many events. Especially for the Mid-Autumn Festival and New Year's Day.

86. Owakudani Hakone

Owakudani-HakoneJapanese Owakudani Hakone Valley

Owakudani is a volcanic valley that emits sulphur vapour. The last eruption took place three thousand years ago. Numerous hot springs crisscross this valley.

They are used by the people of the region.

They are used by the inhabitants to cook eggs in them in order to sell them. These eggs, which are black and sulphur-coloured, are said to have the exceptional ability to extend life expectancy. One egg cooked in this magical valley would allow one to live seven years longer, two eggs for fourteen years more.

Beware, however, as legend states that eating three black eggs is bad for the body and mind.

87. Ninnaji Temple , Kyoto

ninnaji-templeNinnaji Temple is located in Kyoto

The Japanese Ninnaji Temple, dates back to the 9th century. It is a captivating piece of architecture, including a large number of covered passages and a beautiful pagoda. This temple once served as an imperial villa for the Japanese emperor.

88. Shonan Beach, Kamakura

beach-of-shonanShonan Beach is located in Kamakura

If you like surfing, these beaches are for you. They are positioned all around Enoshima Island. Shonan Beach represents a real Japanese cultural aspect.

89. Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka

hitachi-seasideJapanese hill in flower

This amusement park is famous for its wonderful flowering hills throughout the year. It's a paradise for Japan lovers and Instagram-loving fashionistas alike!


90. Kyoto Higashi Honganji

kyoto-higashi-honganjiKyoto Higashi Honganji

This temple complex is very important within the Kyoto community. It is known for its gigantic wooden building, the largest in the city. This site is also called by the locals "Ohigashi-san".

91. Fukuoka Japan

fukuoka-japanFukuoka Tower

The Fukuoka Tower is located by the sea. It is said to be covered with eight thousand half mirrors. From some angles, it could be compared to a sail. It has an observation deck that attracts couples from all over the world to admire the view together.

92. Yoshikien Nara Garden

yoshikienYoshikien Garden in Nara Province

This garden, free for the first visit of foreigners, is a quiet place in which there is a moss garden part, another one that honors Japanese tea, and finally a garden with pond.

93. Ohori Fukuoka Park

parc-ohoriPontoon in Ohori Park

This park is in the image of a famous Chinese site, the West Lake. It is located next to the pond of the former moat system of Fukuoka Castle.

The park is located in the middle of the lake.

94. Nagoya Castle

chateau-de-nagoyaNagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle was built around 1520, and collapsed during World War II. During the reconstruction, buildings such as the moat were retained, despite a modern and traditional addition.

The castle is a very important part of the city's heritage.

95. Hibiya Park, Tokyo

Hibiya Park

This Gothic-style park is the oldest in Japan, featuring an array of monuments and statues. Events such as the Hibiya Oktoberfest are held in this park.

96. Kyoto National Museum

This museum is the largest in all of Kyoto. It has more than 12,000 works. So you can see sculptures, paintings, and various typical Japanese items, such as samurai armor and mempo masks or Noh theatre masks.

The museum is the largest in Kyoto.

97. Dazaifu Tenmangu Fukuoka Shrine

dazaifu-tenmanguThe Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

This place has nearly 6,000 plum trees and a lovely pond forming a heart.

98. Canal City, Fukuoka


The canal city is a gigantic shopping mall of nearly 760 thousand square meters. It is so called because a long artificial canal runs through it.

99. Toranomon Hills Residence

toranomon-hills-residenceThe Toranomon Hills Tokyo building

Located in central Tokyo and being the 3rd highest building in the Japanese capital, the Toranomon Hills has 4 floors of department stores, as well as a luxury hotel at the top of the building. The area in which this tower is located was at the former Tiger Gate of the Imperial Palace.

100. Todaiji temple

todaiji-templeNara's Todaiji Temple

This temple has gigantic statues, including the largest bronze Buddha in the world.  

101. Kushida Jinja Fukuoka

kushida-jinja-fukuokaPhoto of Kushida Jinja Fukuoka Shrine

This site from the year 757 hosts many events, such as Japanese weddings. It is at this shrine that the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival is celebrated...

102. Hikawa Maru Yokohama

Hikawa Maru is an impressive ocean liner open to the public that was sent to the Kobe Shipyard in 1929, in the early days of the Great Depression.

103. Amerikamura Osaka

The Amerikamura follows the same concept as Japantowns in America, except that here it is the other way around. In fact, the name means "American village". You can find American businesses, bars, clothing shops, all in a neighbourhood with character.

104. Inuyama Castle

castle-d-inuyamaThe ancient Inuyama Castle overlooking the skyline

It is one of twelve existing castles and emblematic of Japanese culture...

105. Momochi Marine Park, Fukuoka

fukuoka-momochiPhoto of Japan's Fukuoka Momochi Park on the water

The Momochi Marine Park is a very attractive place. It is a large artificial beach, where there are many shops, restaurants and attractions. Since 1980, this Japanese marine park has expanded into the sea.

The park is a very attractive place.

106. Atago Shrine Tokyo

atago-shrine-tokyoTorrii Gate of Atago Shrine

You will find within this shrine in the capital's business district, a huge stone staircase. It is an important place of religious and cultural practice. The Shinto believers, city residents and businessmen come here to make their prayers.

A Japanese legend says that stairs were borrowed by a samurai and his horse to go and give the shogun a flower. The shogun of Japan congratulated the rider's skill and since then a ritual is held every year where the success is celebrated. A palanquin is raised to the top of the steps and then lowered...

107. Kyoto Imperial Palace

kyoto-palace-imperial-visitVisit the Kyoto Imperial Palace to immerse yourself in Japanese history

The Kyoto Imperial Palace was the home of the emperor during the Edo era. It is possible to visit this historic building upon request by contacting the Imperial Household Agency.

The Imperial Palace is located in the heart of Japan.

108. Nishiki Kyoto Market

market-nishiki-kyotoThe Japanese culinary flavours of Kyoto's Nishiki Market

The Nishiki Market is mainly food, comprising over 126 stalls. It is located in the centre of Kyoto. It attracts a lot of tourists because it is a traditional and authentic market. The vendors are very pleasant and take pictures with the tourists. We recommend you to go there to enjoy portions of local specialties (for free).

109. Tochoji Temple, Fukuoka


The Tochoji Temple will present you with architectural wonders. You will discover a splendid 30-ton Buddha and a revolving karma library, you will have plenty of things to discover in this old temple.

110. Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Kobe

Akashi-Kaikyo BridgeAkashi Kaikyo Bridge

This suspension bridge connecting Kobe to Awaji Island is the largest in the world. We recommend that you go there to enjoy the amazing views. You will also have the opportunity to see its large towers.

111. Hozenji Yokocho Osaka

hozenji-yokochoThe Hozenji Yokocho Alley in Osaka

This Japanese alley has been extremely busy since the 17th century. It is located behind the Hozenji temple. You can find a statue completely covered with moss there which happens to be a very famous Buddhist reference in Osaka.

The statue is a very famous Buddhist reference.

112. Awashima Shrine, Wakayama City

awashima-shrineAwashima Shrine in the Japanese city of Wakayama

This shrine contains a large number of old and modern dolls. A ritual is held on Girls' Day, aimed at protecting their health. During the ritual, thousands of dolls are thrown into the sea.

The shrine is a place where many old and modern dolls are kept.

113. Hiroshima Castle

chateau-de-hiroshimaThe splendid Hiroshima Castle

This castle, dating from 1590, was destroyed in the first atomic bombing of World War II. The one you can see in the picture is a renovation. It is quite modern and is situated in the centre of a park with a large moat.

114. Fukuoka Castle

chateau-fukuokaThe ruins of fukuoka castle

The ruins of Fukuoka Castle are reputed to be those of what was once the largest Japanese castle. A moat and some buildings can still be found.

The castle ruins are known to be the ruins of what was once Japan's largest castle.

115. Suwa Shrine, Nagasaki


You can discover in this ancient shrine from 1614, a story of struggle against conversion to Christianity. A festival is presented here to tell the intense history of Nagasaki. There are costumes and dances mixing Chinese and Dutch cultures.

116. Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architecture Museum, Tokyo

This open-air museum houses a multitude of ancient buildings. Be aware that there are not many historical buildings in Tokyo due to wars, floods, and earthquakes.

The museum is located in the heart of Tokyo.

117. Kyoto Station

This station is not just a station. It is a modern work with beautiful architecture. It is one of the largest buildings in Japan, famous for its old temples. Its main hall is 15 stories high. It is about half a kilometre wide. 

118. Takashimaya Times Square, Tokyo

This gigantic shopping mall offers you, from the top of its 16 floors, department stores such as Tokyu Hands and Takashimaya, but also the famous Kinokuniya bookstore, which offers a whole purely English area.

119. Kyoto Tour

Kyoto TowerKyoto's White Tower

This is the tallest tower in Kyoto City, offering a purely exceptional view of the old city.

120 Adashino Nenbutsu Ji Temple Kyoto

adashino-nenbutsu-ji-temple-kyotoThe Japanese statues of Adashino Nenbutsu Ji Temple

This temple is composed of nearly 8,000 statues that represent old tombstones.

121. Nishi Honganji

Nishi-HonganjiKyoto's Nishi Honganji Temple

This temple has two wooden buildings in which there are huge places of worship. The gate of this temple is a Japanese monument on its own as it is one of the few architectural features of the Momoyama period.

The gate of this temple is one of the few architectural features of the Momoyama period.

122. Umeda Sky Building

Umeda-Sky-BuildingUmeda Sky Building in Osaka

The Umeda Sky Building is a gigantic arch from which it is possible to see the entire city of Osaka. To reach the glass roof observation deck, you have to climb 40 floors.

The Umeda Sky Building is a huge arch from which you can see the entire city of Osaka.

123. Eikando Kyoto

eikando-kyotoEikando Temple

The Eikando Temple consists of several buildings connected by small wooden bridges. They are placed all around the garden with a pretty little pagoda in the middle. A Japanese legend says that in 1082, the Buddha statue suddenly awoke to rebuke a priest standing beside it. It is said to have then frozen again immediately afterwards.

124. Miraikan Tokyo

MiraikanMiraikan Hall

If you have the soul of a scientist, this Japanese museum should appeal to you. It has many popular exhibits, dealing with various topics such as space or robotics. The most impressive feature of this museum is a large globe wrapped in a screen. This allows scientific and historical data to be projected in real time.

125. The Great Buddha Japan

the-great-buddha-japanThe Great Japanese Buddha of Kamakura

The Great Buddha represents one of Kamakura's most remarkable works of art. This statue, originally erected in a building, was cast in 1252.

126. Sento Palace

palais-sentoKyoto Sento Imperial Palace

This imperial palace was built when the emperor retired in 1630 so that he could end his life there. In 1850, it was burned down, and no one has ever undertaken to rebuild it. That is why nowadays there are only two rooms reserved for the tea ceremony and a Japanese garden by a pond.

127. Kenchoji

KenchojiKenchoji Kamakura Temple

This place offers beautiful walks and splendid hikes. It consists of many Buddhist temples offering wonderful architecture and featuring various types of exceptional Japanese art.

How much does a trip to Japan cost?

As you've seen, Japan offers a lot to do. Between gardens, temples, big cities, ryokan, onsen and samurai castle you will have the opportunity to discover all the Japanese culture and traditions.

This country will offer you many splendid landscapes and discoveries, each one more unusual than the next.

The price of a trip to Japan will depend on the number of activities you plan to undertake and of course the length of your stay. The budget of a family looking for comfort will not be the same as that of a backpacker.

If you don't have the opportunity to travel to Japan in the next few months and you still want a souvenir or to give a gift inspired by the land of the rising sun to a loved one, we advise you to take to our blog article sharing the best Japanese gift ideas

You now have all the cards in hand to plunge into the heart of Japan...


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