Top 10 Japanese Gifts

Top 10 Japanese Gifts

With the holidays approaching, a birthday or even Valentine's Day, it's always hard to know what gift to give a fan of Japan. But don't worry! We'll help you find an original gift idea!

Whether this person is a fan of manga, Japanese fashion, Asian cuisine or just wants to learn more about Japanese culture, our selection of gifts is ideal.

Here is the complete guide to the best Japanese gift ideas for Christmas or a birthday. This is an opportunity to please loved ones or friends.

Know that we also offer delivery so you don't have to go anywhere. We have selected gifts that are easily transportable, affordable and representative of Japanese culture. So we hope you enjoy reading and visiting our Japanese online store!

1. Kimono jacket 


Kimono jacket can be worn all year round. You can wear it over a t-shirt in spring, or in winter at home. This flowing Japanese jacket will give you a traditional or streetwear style. The traditional haori jacket was worn by samurai over a kimono.

The prices of these jackets are for all budgets. The Japanese symbols are inspired by Shinto mythology. So you will be sure to please with this gift.

2. Hanten

Hanten is a traditional Japanese coat. It is a good seasonal gift. Perfect for winter or for cold spring evenings. This gift is comfortable to wear because the material is fleecy. If you plan to give it as a gift we advise you to refer to the size guide. Or choose a size up...

3. Sukajan Coat 


This gift is one of our favorites because this Japanese bomber is tied to Japanese history. This coat is ideal for bikers. It is worn by the bosozku. They are very popular characters in Japanese manga. In particular, we think of the manga Akira to the character of Kaneda who wore a red bomber.

4. Japanese jewels 


If you want to please with an exceptional gift, we recommend Japanese jewelry. The bracelets and necklaces are inspired by the Japanese folklore world. Remember to read the descriptions carefully to understand the meaning of your jewels.

5. Tabi socks gift


Japanese tabi socks are a great Japan-themed gift idea. The unique feature of these traditional Japanese socks is that the toe is separated from the other toes. Historically, they are worn with the traditional kimono and Japanese wooden sandals (Geta sandals)!

We also offer Japanese printed socks inspired by Japanese folklore such as kami gods, oni demons, Japanese Ukiyo-e art. It's a little cheap gift that always makes you happy!

6. Japanese Geta Shoes Gift 


Geta sandals are a great gift idea for any Japan fan. Historically, they were worn by the samurai and geisha of the Edo era. There are many forms of geta shoes and what differentiates them is the number of "teeth" there are under the wooden sole. A traditional pair of geta has two teeth while the Zori sandal is flat.

Giving a geta is a great gift idea because they have several benefits. First of all, they are eco-friendly shoes. They are made entirely of wood and stand up to the test of time very well. In fact, there is no need to "throw away a geta". Just replace the strap (hanao) when it starts to wear out.

Wearing a Geta also has a benefit for back posture. This traditional Japanese sandal, will also give you a unique style. To wear a kimono, you need to follow a dress code. The geta Japanese sandal is one of the essential accessories. 

7. Traditional Japanese kimono gift


When we think of clothing style and Japan, we can't leave out the kimono. This traditional Japanese garment has a 1000 year old history. Historically, the kimono was used to distinguish different social classes.

Nowadays the kimono is still worn within Japanese society but only for important occasions. The Japanese kimono men and for women are unusual and ideal gifts if you are planning a Japan-related event or want to look like a geisha or samurai!"

8. Traditional Samurai Japanese mask gift


Masks have long played a prominent role in Japanese culture, in religious ceremonies, for ritual dancing, in Noh theater and for military dress. Samurai used masks to protect their faces and heads, but also to scare their enemies. The mempo masks depicted oni demons and monsters of all kinds from Japanese folklore!

We are fortunate to work with a talented craftsman who is bringing traditional Japanese masks up to date. Giving a mask is a very original gift that can be used as a decoration, but can also be worn for a costume cosplay costume or even to play a game of airsoft!"

We are lucky to work with a talented craftsman who brings the traditional Japanese masks up to date! Translated with

9. Masuku : Anti-pollution Japanese mask gift


The perfect Japanese-Christmas-gift to protect yourself from germs and to give a unique style, as we have seen with the ancient Japanese mask, the Japanese mask culture has been deeply rooted for centuries. So much so that; even before the global pandemic, Japanese people were already wearing anti-pollution masks that are called: Masuku mask.

More elaborate than our classic mouth masks, these printed masks feature colorful and very designer patterns from Japan. We'll let you discover the beauty of these fashion accessories that are inspired by Japanese folklore and the art of yakuza tattoo (Irezumi)!

This is a great original gift idea to please a friend!

10. Japanese fashion clothing gift 


Streetwear is an iconic Japanese Harajuku style that is all the rage around the world. To embrace this style, wear oversized cut clothing like Japanese hoodies and printed shirt with kanji (Japanese writing).

The streetwear style can be minimalist with small symbols of Japan or colorful and flashy. It depends on one's taste. What will be your choice? 

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