Express the purity of your art with the white hakama, a symbol of mastery and devotion.
Keikogi (稽古着) is a Japanese word literally meaning "training garment". The iado White hakama is perfcect for beginners

White Hakama

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Express the purity of your art with the White Hakama, a symbol of mastery and devotion for Japanese Martial Art

The white color of hakama pants is highly symbolic in the martial arts, representing purity of intent and the relentless quest for perfection. It inspires respect and admiration in the dojo and during ceremonies.

The White Hakama blends perfectly with a white keikogi, creating a harmonious ensemble that reflects a deep commitment to the martial arts. This outfit is ideal for demonstrations, competitions and spiritual practices.

  • Made from 100% cotton with a heavy, high-quality weight
  • Traditional Japanese martial arts clothing
  • Get a complete outfit by ordering the White Hakama and Keikogi set.
  • Consult the size guide before ordering your martial arts pants!

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