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How to be Kawaii: embrace the Japanese Culture of Cuteness

How to be a kawaii girl? Unearth the secrets of Kawaii fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Eager to reveal a whole new adorable you? Click now to start your Kawaii transformation!"

The Different Types of Manga

Find the complete guide of the main types of Japanese manga! Manga Shonen, Manga Seinen, Manga Shojo, Manga Josei, Manga Yuri Manga Yaoi 🇯🇵

Kagura dance: meaning, origins and history of a traditional Japanese theater

Like Noh and Kabuki theater, Kagura dance is a Japanese theatrical art that dates back to the Edo era. Discover all its history!

Samurai mask meaning, origin and history

Japanese warriors are legendary soldiers. The samurai mask protects and destabilizes the morale of enemies. Want to know more here 🇯🇵

TOP 10 : Japanese movies by Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli)

Hayao Miyazaki is a legend in his art form, the Japanese animated film. His contribution is monumental and has weighed tremendously in the rise of this Japanese art form around the world! Check out our 10 favorite films from this exceptional director. 🇯🇵

Tengu mask meaning and origin

Do you think that Japanese Masks have a special Meaning? Are you wondering what Symbol the Tengu Mask corresponds to? Here is the secret behind this Oni Mask!"

Yakuza tattoo Meanings: Japanese Irezumi art

Like many criminal groups, the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) have developed their own style of tattoos. Find out the meaning of the Irezumi Yakuza tattoo 🇯🇵

Fudanshi Manga Style : all you need to know

Fudanshi and fujoshi are less known of manga styles. Discover Yaoi and the Boy's Love manga 🇯🇵

Ukiyo-e : Japanese woodblock printing

Discover ukiyo-e, the Japanese art prints. You will know its history, its inspirations, and the complete process of making it 🇯🇵

Yakuza : Japanese Mafia

Discover the secret organization of the Japanese mafia: the Yakuza clans. These gangsters from the land of the rising sun are known throughout the world for their Japanese style, their Irezumi tattoo and their code of honor 🇯🇵

Japanese Martial Art

Here is the complete list of Martial Arts of Japan. Discover the basics of Japanese martial arts (jujitsu, sumo, kendo etc...) as well as popular Japanese sports 🇯🇵

Japanese Symbols Meaning

Traditional Japanese symbols are called "Wagara" pattern. They are historical designs from the land of the rising sun. Each symbol has a specific meaning !

Kitsune Mask Meaning

You will learn in this blog article the meaning of the traditional Japanese kitsune mask. The kitsune is a magical fox. Discover now the history hidden behind the Japanese fox mask...

Top 15 Traditional Japanese masks

Here is a top 15 traditional Japanese masks and their meanings. Going from Kitsune mask, to Oni mask and samurai mask !

Traditional Japanese Tattoo : tabou and history

Learn everything you need to know on traditional Japanese Tattoo : Taboo and History. But why are tattoos banned in Japan?