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What is a Kitsune?

Kitsune god is an emblematic creature of Japanese folklore. It’s a magical animal particularly popular in Japan. This polymorphous Japanese fox has several tails. It's a yokai spirit from Japanese mythology whose origin dates back to the 9th century.

Jorogumo: Japanese spider demon

Who is Jorogumo in Japanese mythology? Why are men afraid of this demon? How to escape his hypnotic power

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Discover the Japanese tale of Kaguya-Hime, a Japanese baby found in a bamboo stem. This Japanese myth inspires many mangaka and animated movies including Naruto 🇯🇵

Tengu mask meaning and origin

Do you think that Japanese Masks have a special Meaning? Are you wondering what Symbol the Tengu Mask corresponds to? Here is the secret behind this Oni Mask!"

Tengu: Japanese demon oni

Who is the Tengu demon? Want to know the Origins of this long-nosed Japanese divinity! Here is his legend and mystical story! 🇯🇵

Japanese religion : Buddhism, Shintoism and others

We will see the different religions present in Japan, the share of it as well as the main characteristics of shintoism and especially of Buddhism 🇯🇵

Susanoo : Japanese storm god

Susanoo is the Ocean Japanese god. He is also a storm god. Discover his true legend and his link with Japanese manga culture (Naruto, Akame Ga Kill and Kamigami No Asobi) 🇯🇵

Ryujin Dragon : the Japanese kami god

In this article, we will look at the powerful sea god Ryujin. He is a Japanese dragon who is one of the most important Japanese deities 🇯🇵

Izanami : Japanese goddess of death

The story of the Japanese Goddess Izanami is fascinating, and stunning. She is the origin of the creation of Japan and all the divine myths 🇯🇵

Tanuki: a strange Japanese demon

Discover the legend of the Japanese raccoon dog. In Japanese culture and Shinto folklore, he is sometimes considered a yokai. And he has a huge secret power 🇯🇵

Japanese animals: mythology and symbolism

Discover the legends of the Japanese dragon, the Koi carp, the Tsuru crane, the Kirin unicorn or the deer god also sometimes called Daidarabotchi: the night walker 🇯🇵

Tsukuyomi : Japanese god of moon

Tsukuyomi is god of the Japanese mythology. Find out in this article who is behind the Japanese moon deity, also known as the brother of susanoo and amaterasu 🇯🇵

Shinigami : the Japanese god of death

Discover the origin of the Japanese Shinigami gods... It is a subject of choice for Japanese mangas like Bleach, Death Note or Soul Eater 🇯🇵

Amaterasu : japanese goddess of the sun

Amaterasu is the Japanese deity of the sun in Shinto folklore. Have a look to her legend and the link she has on Japanese pop culture : Itachi, Sasuke, Okami game etc... 🇯🇵

Japanese god : the fantastic deities list

🇯🇵 Discover the mysterious Japanese gods of the Shinto religion through this list. We also explain you the precepts of the Japanese deities and their mythology

Kitsune Mask Meaning

You will learn in this blog article the meaning of the traditional Japanese kitsune mask. The kitsune is a magical fox. Discover now the history hidden behind the Japanese fox mask...

Top 15 Traditional Japanese masks

Here is a top 15 traditional Japanese masks and their meanings. Going from Kitsune mask, to Oni mask and samurai mask !

What are the types of Yokai?

What are the types of Japanese yokai? What powers do those Japanese demons have? And do you want to know if the Oni, Kitsune, Kappa are reals or are they just a fiction?

What is the meaning of hannya?

You probably already heard about the demon Hannya and its breathtaking story. And if you haven't, you will discover the hannya mask meaning !