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Kimono for Men : Different types of Outfits

Discover the rich tradition and elegance of Japanese kimono for men in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the numerous benefits of these timeless garment...

Japanese Bomber: Sukajan Jacket or Souvenir Jacket

The Japanese bomber is a jacket that transcends the ages and the fashion world. Ryan Gosling wears one in the movie Drive for example. The Sukajan jacket is a symbol 🇯🇵

Yukata vs Kimono: what's the difference?

What is the difference between the Japanese kimono vs Yukata. Even though those Japanese clothings look similar, there is a dress code to respect 🇯🇵

Kimono : all about the traditional Japanese clothing

How and why to wear a Kimono, What is the origin of the word kimono? Who can wear this traditional Japanese garment, FULL GUIDE written by craftsmen in Kyoto

Yukata : the light and comfortable Japanese kimono

Between culture and modernity the yukata is at the heart of the Japanese culture. Discover with this article, the origins of the yukata, and find out how it invested the Japanese wardrobes century after century 🇯🇵

Fundoshi: all about the traditional Japanese underwear

Don't know what a Fundoshi is? Wondering how to wear it? Learn about the ancestor of the Japanese underwear 🇯🇵

Gakuran : the traditional Japanese uniform for boys

Discover the secrets of the traditional Japanese uniform called Gakuran. This Japanese men's uniform has been worn by middle and high school students in the land of the rising sun since the early 20th century 🇯🇵

Jinbei clothing : Summer Kimono or Japanese pajamas ?

Jinbei can also be called jinbē or hippari. It is a kind of pajamas that is worn indoors or in hot weather. Find out all about this Japanese outfit 🇯🇵

How to tie an obi belt?

With this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about wearing an obi belt in the traditional way. The Japanese kimono belt will no longer have any secrets for you 🇯🇵

Tabi : the traditional Japanese socks

Japanese people wear tabi socks (socks with split ends) for many reasons? Why and how? 🇯🇵

Top 10 Japanese Gifts

Looking for a Japanese gift idea for a fan of the land of the rising sun? Here are the top 10 gifts and souvenirs to give for a birthday or holiday 🇯🇵

Geisha costume ? Kimono, make-up, Japanese accessories

Discover the complete guide to make a geisha costume with a traditional japanese kimono, a large Obi belt, and a Japanese geisha makeup 🇯🇵

Cyberpunk Style : Neo Tokyo

Discover what cyberpunk is about...  A society dominated by technology (cybernetics and computers). The cyberpunk style inspires manga, video games and movies 🇯🇵

Japanese streetwear : style, clothing and fashion

Discover Japanese streetwear: unique style, timeless and fashionable clothes straight from the Harajuku district in Tokyo 🇯🇵

Japanese Fashion [FULL GUIDE]

You will discover in this Japanese Fashion blog; the full guide about Japanese clothing. You will have a look to the traditional kimono and modern styles as Kawaii for instance !

How to put on a traditional japanese kimono?

We explain you the seven steps to know how to wear a traditional japanese kimono? First of all, it is essential to know the pieces of this Japanese clothing and the accessories which compose it.

Ultimate guide of Japanese clothing

Traditional Japanese clothing has been worn for centuries. There are Haori, kimono, yukata, geta sandals, and Tabi socks. These icons of Japan are very different from Western clothing.

How to wear a kimono?

How to wear a Kimono? We underline in this article the five rules to respect and follow in order to wear a traditional Japanese kimono

Why do Japanese wear wooden sandals?

Japanese Geta Shoes are wooden sandals have the particularity to have "teeth". Thoses Japanese shoes are perfect if you wish a new cosplay focussed on Geisha or samurai traditional clothes !