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Setsubun: the Japanese demon festival

Discover the mystery behind the Japanese festival Setsubun. Why do Japanese people wear demon masks and throw rice at each other? 🇯🇵

Everything you need to know about Japanese Geisha

The geisha job was born in the land of the rising sun, several centuries ago. It is a symbol of femininity, propriety and an icon of Japanese culture 🇯🇵

Weeb or Weeaboo meaning and history of this Japanese term

Discover the weeb or weeaboo meaning. You will learn in this blog post the meaning of controversial Japanese term that is often confused with the word Otaku 🇯🇵

Tsukuyomi : Japanese god of moon

Tsukuyomi is god of the Japanese mythology. Find out in this article who is behind the Japanese moon deity, also known as the brother of susanoo and amaterasu 🇯🇵

Shinigami : the Japanese god of death

Discover the origin of the Japanese Shinigami gods... It is a subject of choice for Japanese mangas like Bleach, Death Note or Soul Eater 🇯🇵

Geisha costume ? Kimono, make-up, Japanese accessories

Discover the complete guide to make a geisha costume with a traditional japanese kimono, a large Obi belt, and a Japanese geisha makeup 🇯🇵

Cyberpunk Style : Neo Tokyo

Discover what cyberpunk is about...  A society dominated by technology (cybernetics and computers). The cyberpunk style inspires manga, video games and movies 🇯🇵

Ukiyo-e : Japanese woodblock printing

Discover ukiyo-e, the Japanese art prints. You will know its history, its inspirations, and the complete process of making it 🇯🇵

Amaterasu : japanese goddess of the sun

Amaterasu is the Japanese deity of the sun in Shinto folklore. Have a look to her legend and the link she has on Japanese pop culture : Itachi, Sasuke, Okami game etc... 🇯🇵

Yasuke : the true legend of the first black samurai

Yasuke is the first black samurai in the land of the rising sun. But do you know his true legend? Discover his origin and the mysteries surrounding this Japanese samurai warrior 🇯🇵

Yakuza : Japanese Mafia

Discover the secret organization of the Japanese mafia: the Yakuza clans. These gangsters from the land of the rising sun are known throughout the world for their Japanese style, their Irezumi tattoo and their code of honor 🇯🇵

Japanese Martial Art

Here is the complete list of Martial Arts of Japan. Discover the basics of Japanese martial arts (jujitsu, sumo, kendo etc...) as well as popular Japanese sports 🇯🇵

Wabi-sabi: Japanese philosophy, style and design

What is Wabi-sabi? Spirituality, design and philosophy of life, you will discover in this article all the notions of this Japanese aesthetic concept 🇯🇵

Japanese streetwear : style, clothing and fashion

Discover Japanese streetwear: unique style, timeless and fashionable clothes straight from the Harajuku district in Tokyo 🇯🇵

What is a ninja?

You wish to know what is a ninja?? Did the real ninja have powers? Discover the origin of the shinobi myth and the nature of their legend

Japanese god : the fantastic deities list

🇯🇵 Discover the mysterious Japanese gods of the Shinto religion through this list. We also explain you the precepts of the Japanese deities and their mythology

Japanese Samurai : 42 Incredible things you probably didn't know

🇯🇵 Discover the Japanese samurai warriors and the 42 incredible facts you absolutely must know about these fearsome fighters from the land of the rising sun

Japanese Symbols Meaning

Traditional Japanese symbols are called "Wagara" pattern. They are historical designs from the land of the rising sun. Each symbol has a specific meaning !

Japan Facts and History

You will discover in this Japanese history guide; all the facts about the samurai, shogun, government, wars and news from modern century !

Japanese Fashion [FULL GUIDE]

You will discover in this Japanese Fashion blog; the full guide about Japanese clothing. You will have a look to the traditional kimono and modern styles as Kawaii for instance !

Kitsune Mask Meaning

You will learn in this blog article the meaning of the traditional Japanese kitsune mask. The kitsune is a magical fox. Discover now the history hidden behind the Japanese fox mask...

How to put on a traditional japanese kimono?

We explain you the seven steps to know how to wear a traditional japanese kimono? First of all, it is essential to know the pieces of this Japanese clothing and the accessories which compose it.

Top 15 Traditional Japanese masks

Here is a top 15 traditional Japanese masks and their meanings. Going from Kitsune mask, to Oni mask and samurai mask !

What is Jpop?

If you wish to know what is Jpop? You will learn everything you need to know : Jpop origin, the hybrid Japanese music styles, who are the best Japanese idols? And their impact on popular culture?

Traditional Japanese Tattoo : tabou and history

Learn everything you need to know on traditional Japanese Tattoo : Taboo and History. But why are tattoos banned in Japan?

Kimono history [FULL GUIDE]

Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing. The word "kimono" (着物) literally means "a thing you wear on you". Kimono history came into being during the Heian period (794-1192).

What is the meaning of a Japanese Koi fish?

We explain it this article what is the meaning of Japanese Koi fish, the origin, the Japanese legends, the colors and the Irezumi tattoo related the Japanese carp

What is a samurai?

What is a samuraï? You will learn in this blog article all the things you need to know about the samurai history, the bushido code, the samurai swords etc.

Ultimate guide of Japanese clothing

Traditional Japanese clothing has been worn for centuries. There are Haori, kimono, yukata, geta sandals, and Tabi socks. These icons of Japan are very different from Western clothing.

Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragon is a creature emblematic of Asian mythology. It is a force of nature cited in numerous legends from the land of the rising sun. As the yokai and kami, it is a celestial Japanese creature with great magical powers.

How to wear a kimono?

How to wear a Kimono? We underline in this article the five rules to respect and follow in order to wear a traditional Japanese kimono

What is a Geisha?

What is Japanese Geisha? What exactly does a geisha girl do? How much does a geisha cost? Is a geisha is a concubine? You will learn everything in this article

Why do Japanese wear wooden sandals?

Japanese Geta Shoes are wooden sandals have the particularity to have "teeth". Thoses Japanese shoes are perfect if you wish a new cosplay focussed on Geisha or samurai traditional clothes !

What are the types of Yokai?

What are the types of Japanese yokai? What powers do those Japanese demons have? And do you want to know if the Oni, Kitsune, Kappa are reals or are they just a fiction?

What is the meaning of hannya?

You probably already heard about the demon Hannya and its breathtaking story. And if you haven't, you will discover the hannya mask meaning !