Japanese culture

Japan Facts and History

You will discover in this Japanese history guide; all the facts about the samurai, shogun, government, wars and news from modern century !

What is Jpop?

What is Jpop?

If you wish to know what is Jpop? You will learn everything you need to know : Jpop origin, the hybrid Japanese music styles, who are the best Japa...


Kimono history [FULL GUIDE]

Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing. The word "kimono" (着物) literally means "a thing you wear on you". Kimono history came into being during ...

What is a samurai

What is a samurai?

What is a samuraï? You will learn in this blog article all the things you need to know about the samurai history, the bushido code, the samurai swo...

Japanese Dragon

Japanese Dragon

The Japanese dragon is a creature emblematic of Asian mythology. It is a force of nature cited in numerous legends from the land of the rising sun...

How To Wear A Kimono
Japanese clothing

How to wear a kimono?

How to wear a Kimono? We underline in this article the five rules to respect and follow in order to wear a traditional Japanese kimono


What is a Geisha?

What is Japanese Geisha? What exactly does a geisha girl do? How much does a geisha cost? Is a geisha is a concubine? You will learn everything in ...

types of yokai
Japanese gods

What are the types of Yokai?

What are the types of Japanese yokai? What powers do those Japanese demons have? And do you want to know if the Oni, Kitsune, Kappa are reals or ar...